You set up a Collation Center looking like a Binduri Internet cafe and you expected to win? – Atubiga asks NDC


Suspended Member of the National Democratic Congress Stephen Atubiga has said that the NDC collation systems used for the 2020 election was setup like a cafe in his village Binduri.

He said the system came crushing down even before the results of the election were announced in various parts of the country indicating that there were no backups.

“The IT sector has failed us in collection of the results.  The IT sector Could have done better in  given us our victory results swiftly. How can our system crashing within shortest time on election day? No backups. I mean backups. Set a system like Binduri internet cafe and expecting results? And he still hasn’t resigned shamefully.”

To him, Prof Joshua Alabi as campaign manager for the NDC in the 2020 election was a failure and one of the reasons why the party could not wrestle power from the NPP .

“I would never say or do anything that would bring the integrity of my party down. But the party stands for accountability and probity. Alabi as a campaign manager has failed as in protecting NDC/JDM votes during this 2020 election.  Alabi has shown incompetence in coordinating with the election body of the NDC, to collate the 6000000 six million votes given us by the grassroots.”

Stephen Atubiga has been suspended by the NDC for insulting Joshua Alabi and also going in contravention with the party’s mantra of probity and accountability.

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