#WAI: Police Service urges Ghanaians to report undisciplined drivers


Weekends in Ghana are characterized by funerals and weddings that see many urban dwellers travel across cities. Unfortunately, the haste to arrive early has led to many fatalities especially during festive seasons with the Cape Coast Accra Highway being the most deadly.

To curb this, a member of the Public Affairs Department at the Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service, ASP Simon Tenkuu has entreated drivers of commercial vehicles to be disciplined.

He urged passengers to report undisciplined commercial drivers to the nearest police station or checkpoint and cautioned private drivers against abusing sirens.

“Excessive speeding can kill even though some will also say it thrills. Wrongful overtaking can kills. Drivers should adhere to all the road laws. They are also key stakeholders when it comes to safety. Anytime accidents happen, it is the passengers who are the immediate victims, so safety issues must be paramount to them. They have been empowered by law to serve as front line enforcers so, whenever they are on board a vehicle especially the commercial ones, they must make sure even the vehicle they are boarding is okay. They can report some of these things to the various police stations. We are also not encouraging them to attack the drivers,” he said.

ASP Simon Tenkuu’s call comes on the back of the War Against Indiscipline campaign which has led to several reckless drivers getting arrested for various breaches of road traffic offences.

the campaign started in May 2019 and in June, the station roped in the police service with a view to name, shame and punish persons who break road traffic regulations.

The campaign is intended to run until at least May 2020.

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Source Author: Nerteley Nettey