Ruling on Voters ID case will be a test of the Supreme Court’s integrity – NDC’s Edem Agbana


Deputy National Youth Organizer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) Edem Agbana has said the ruling of the Supreme Court on whether or not the Electoral Commission can exclude the current voter card from the forthcoming registration exercise for a new voter roll will be a test of whether the court has integrity or otherwise.

The Supreme Court of Ghana is set to rule today, Thursday, 11 June 2020, Per CI126 recently passed by Parliament, whether the Ghana card and passport are the only documents that eligible voters can use as proof of citizenship, to get registered for the new voter card ahead of the 2020 polls.

In the absence of either of the documents, a registrant would need two already-registered Ghanaians to vouch for him/her as a Ghanaian before that person is registered.

Last week, the EC, in a 31-page document, wrote to the Supreme Court explaining why it excluded the current voter ID card from the exercise. The NDC says the EC has legal grounds to do that.

In its writ, the NDC argued that “the 2nd Defendant (EC) has no legal basis to exclude the use of existing voter ID cards for the purposes of registration and that should this Court allow the 2nd Defendant to deny Ghanaian citizens the use of their existing voter ID cards for registration, it would impair the right of citizens to register and vote. That would be a dent on the gains made by this Court in giving life and meaning to Article 42 of the Constitution”.

In reaction, the youth leader wrote:

“The ruling of the Supreme Court on the EC matter will be a test of the Supreme Court’s integrity”, he wrote.

“The lawyers for the EC make law looks very pedestrian”, he added.

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