Publish ‘DUMSOR Timetable’ Now! – Lydia Forson screams at govt over frequent power outages


Actress Lydia Forson has called on the Government of Ghana and its agencies controlling the energy sector to provide the citizens with a timetable on the schedule for power outages.

In recent times, several parts of Ghana have not been able to enjoy uninterrupted supply of power.

Severally, when the lights go off, the Ghana Grid Company issues statements indicating that the outages are as a result of challenges in gas supply or technical problems which they are dealing with.

But the government has insisted that Ghana has not ben plunged into darkness and that “Dumsor” is and can never be back.

Reacting to the incessant power outages, actress Lydia Forson has urged the government to release a load shedding timetable to allow the citizens to be aware of when they will get light and when their lights will be taken; a move which she believes will end the destruction of their appliances.

She said “Please just give us a #DUMSOR schedule so we don’t have to worry about our appliances blowing up”.

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Source Author: MyNewsGH