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Barely 48 hours to the December 7, general election and as Ghanaians are preaching for peace, the opposition National Democratic Congress is turning to create violence ahead of the polls.

Some well-armed thugs believed to be the supporters of the NDC on Saturday morning fired gunshots to disperse a final walk out organised by Frank Annor Dompreh, Member of Parliament for Nsawam/ Adoagyiri in the Eastern Region.

The thugs from nowhere without any provocation allegedly started beating and firing gunshots to the NPP youth who were leading the walk with motorbikes when descending from the Nsawam Cannery factory to the Ntoaso area.

The NDC thugs fired gunshots and seized three motorbikes belonging to three staff of the Forestry Commission who joined the walk.

Some of the members who foresaw the mayhem started running back to the crowd to inform the security men about the incident.

The incident infuriated the security men leading the walk who started chasing the NDC thugs as the Police also fire gunshots.

About four of the Motor riders sustained some injuries on their hands, mouths and heads.

The thugs upon seeing the massive crowd descending towards them in a hurry jumped on the stolen motorbikes and drove off on top speed into the nearby bushes.

The angry NPP youth who weren’t happy with the incident also scattered throughout the small community and entered the houses to see if they would find the thugs and deal with them.

The residents around, when saw the angry NPP members descending into their homes started running for their lives.

A Police reinforcement from Nsawam was immediately called upon who is currently mounting search in the bushes to arrest the thugs.

The angry NPP members threaten that until they fish out the NDC thugs and get back the motorbikes, they won’t allow the EC to mount the ballot box in the area for the residents to cast their vote on Monday.

However, the MP, Frank Annor Dompreh expressed worry about the incident on why the NDC wants to create confusion ahead of the elections.

He had a tough time to calm the members down before leaving the scene to a different location to address the party members.

From Daniel Bampoe, Ntoaso

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Source Author: Daniel Frimpong