Having duplicates means EC’s biometric system not functioning properly- Kofi Bentil


Senior Vice President of policy think tank, Imani Africa, Kofi Bentil has stated that the fact that the Electoral Commission of Ghana ( EC) has detected double registration( or duplicates) in their biometric system means the system is not functioning properly, insisting that properly functioning biometric systems by themselves do not allow for double registration.

Mr Bentil lamented that even after spending some $100 million on the system, the EC is still unable to have a functioning biometric system. For him, a working biometric system will automatically reject the same fingerprints for a second registration.

The EC has revealed that it has discovered tens of thousands of duplicate information in its biometric system, and is taking steps to rid the system of the duplicated data. But Mr Bentil has argued that this explanation is only plausible for persons who do not know how such systems function.

“EC says it has found duplicates in the registration and is about to clean them up???

That is a story you tell to people who don’t know how biometric systems work!!!

A properly functioning biometric system will clean itself up !! There won’t be duplicates!!!

It’s like trying to set up an email with a name already taken. It won’t happen because the system won’t let you proceed.

A working biometric system will reject the same fingerprint for second registration.

Something is funny!!  Remember we spent over $100 million on this? And it can’t function like a simple database registration system???” He argued on social media.

The EC will end the voter registration exercise which began on 30th June, 2020 on 6th August 2020. The exercise has been generally peaceful but has had some pockets of violence and disorder in a few registration centres.

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