Expectation 2020: Full Content of People’s Mother Website Launch


Ms. Rosemond Obeng, Deputy National TESCON Coordinator has on the 19th of November 2020 launched a website via a live webcast to project the intricacies of the feminine code championed by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- Addo’s led administration.

The astute politician in her presentation sought to remind Ghanaian women of the indisputable accomplishments of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo within the last 4 years through an E-book she has compiled which could be accessed on her website, www.peoplesmother.org.

She emphasized the President is a responsible family man who has raised 5 accomplished young ladies, among other things which makes his track record in empowering women incomparable.

Speaking on the purpose of the gathering, Director of the Program, James Tetteh stated that Ms. Rosemond Obeng has over the years shown tremendous support for the women’s agenda which landed her the name Peoples’ Mother. Mr. Tetteh further hinted that, in this era of information boom, the information must be geared towards churning out positive energy and nothing less. Hence, the reason for the launch of her personal website is to propagate information of the feminine code and also serve as a reliable news portal. He [Tetteh] also pointed out that, the public should remember and make it a memorable one in this era of truth that there was this Young Lady  [Ms. Rosemond Obeng] who stood the test of the time to make sure people, especially women and the vulnerable in the society had a voice. The website as stipulated by Mr. Tetteh would not just only speak to only women issues but the less privileged in society as well.

Mr. Kofi Arkoh, CEO of Arkoh Services and the manager of Ms. Rosemond Obeng in his remarks detailed how he  got glued to peoples mother’s passionate drive of advocating women’s issues in the year 2013 in the four walls of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology -KNUST. He [Kofi] narrated how Rosemond strived in all walks of her exploit to get her beautiful ideas out to the public domain. Starting from the time she [Rosemond] decided to run for the office of Independence Hall of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-KNUST Women’s commissioner, through to when she became the Majority Leader of the Students Parliament as well as becoming the Women’s Commissioner of TESCON and later KNUST Students Representative Council as a whole. Mr. Kofi added that the celebration was necessary and would typify the resilience, dedication and commitment to duty through her leadership journey.

Adding her voice and acknowledging the efforts made by the entire team, Ms. Rosemond Obeng [Peoples Mother] showed appreciation to the general public for being a part of her empowered community through her show Interact with Peoples Mother-Expectation 2020 on all their platforms. She stated that in making efforts to build deeper connections with the community members, it is very necessary to launch a website where beautiful stories of the community can be shared to empower and motivate each other as they seek to make  Ghana a better place.

She officially announced the website launch with a celebratory cake, stating that a special Gift of an E-Book can also be accessed through the website at www.peoplesmother.org/E-BOOK. The E-Book as the gift for the audience was finally unraveled. And the website will henceforth become a reliable news portal where latest and trending news can also be accessed.
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Source Author: Michael Ofori Amanfo Boateng