Election Prophecies: How many Gods are you serving – Ghanaian prophets asked


Ghanaian Prophets who have over the years taken election predictions as their expertise have been challenged to tell the whole world the number of Gods they are serving.

In the last couple of weeks, prophets have given conflicting prophecies about who is winning the 2020 polls and who is not leaving Ghanaians confused as to whose is from God and whose is not.

The Founder and Leader of Faith Redemption Chapel International Prophet Elisha Arhin who has waded into this is wondering if truly the Almighty God is that confused and as a result giving confusion prophecies to his children through these so-called prophets.

In an interview with Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo, Prophet Elisha Arhin emphasized that Prophets and Pastors who give fake prophecies should be punished by Christian Council to help sanitize the work of God.

“There is too much noise in the work of God. Every pastor and Prophet wants to give prophecy. Prophecy is becoming challenge as far as the work of God is concerned. Today God has revealed to me, tomorrow God has revealed to me but 90% of the prophecies will not come to pass” Prophet Elisha ex.

“There is serious elections ahead of Ghanaians which Ghanaians will choose their President and MPs but it is so pathetic that some prophets are giving different prophecies. Some prophets are saying God revealed to them that President Akufo-Addo will win while others are saying former President John Dramani Mahama will win. How many Gods are these prophets serving?”

Prophet Elisha Arhin added “very soon things will get out of hands if the leadership of the Christian Council does wake up from their slumber”.

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