Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom condemns GFA for canceling GPL without consulting club owners


While the cancellation of the 2019/20 Ghana Premier League season as a result of COVID-19 might have interested clubs like King Faisal and other relegation strugglers.

The owner and Bankroller of Elmina Sharks, Paa Kwesi Nduom is angered because the GFA did not consult club owners before taking such a decision as he claims.

The PPP Presidential candidate in the 2016 presidential elections stated that the GFA did not consult them as club owners but rather people they’ve employed to do administrative works at their clubs.

“Who is this that is canceling this league, and who is this that is considering the financial and the health impact of all of this?” he inquired during an interview with UK-based GN Radio and Channel 7 TV.

“Strange enough in Ghana, it is not the club owners who are calling for the cancellation, and nobody called me as a club owner to ask me what my opinion is.”

Dr. Nduom also questioned the processes followed in the cancellation of the league and the legitimacy of government to telling the football community what to do.

“We have people they’re calling football administrators; a football administrator doesn’t have a penny or a pesewa in the game.

“Somebody who is elected by people we have employed to work for us cannot tell me, and shouldn’t be put in a position to tell me what I should and should not do”, he said.

“It should not be up to the government to tell a private enterprise what to do, except that the government is telling everybody else what to do.

The leader of Group Nduom thinks it is time club owners are given a stake in football decisions. He buttressed his stands by citing the style of big clubs in the Premier League as the way to go.

“It is about time that the people who have invested in football as private enterprises should be the ones calling for the cancellation of football in Ghana and that a league should be there that is owned, managed and controlled by those who have invested in football in Ghana.

“This is what happens in the UK and those administrators they’ve hired, they come and go, but it is the owners who make the decisions,” he noted.

“Owners of the big clubs in the English Premier League get together and they have a strong affiliation to help each other in terms of the commercial aspect, there’s nothing that stops Ghana from doing the same.”

Before the annulment of the league, Nduom’s Elmina Sharks were fifth on the league and level on points with Asante Kotoko and AshGold; 25 points each.

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