Volta Region: More Than 7,000 Residents Benefit From Water Project Amidst Jubilation


More than 7500 people in Sremanu, Tsivakorpe, Kukorme, Zemu, and Adeheta mostly peasant farming communities in the Akatsi South constituency in the Volta Region are all praising THE SKY IS MY LIMIT, an (NGO) for assisting them with a mechanized borehole.

The Country Director, Mr. Michael Nyahe reiterated to community members the need to work in unity so these projects could benefit them and the generations to come.”Some few months ago, I came and saw the water problems faced by the people in Sremanu upon a request made by then Assemblymember Aspirant of the Area, Mr. Japhet Festus Gbede, and the other villages and we came forward to assist them.

I hope the communities will take very good care of the projects so that they can have long-term benefits from it.”,Mr. Nyahe added.”When we didn’t have the borehole, people used to depend on sta

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