Dreadlocked student’s JHS dismayed by Achimota School’s decision


It is perceived that if admitted to the Achimota School, the two boys with dreadlocks may influence their colleagues negatively.

This misconception is common among the Rastafarian Community.

But the former teachers of Tyrone Iras Marhguy, one of the boys with dreadlocks say otherwise.

According to his English Teacher, Christabel Agyemang, Tyrone was one of their best students.

“Tyrone was a good boy, respectful, clever and very intelligent. He was a very cool and calm boy. He couldn’t do any harm,” she said.

The journey for Tyrone Iras Marhguy begun at the Omega Schools in 2019 when he enrolled in JHS 2.

This was the fourth basic school he had been in as his family had lived in Kumasi, Aburi, Kasoa and now Ablekuma.

Omega Schools did not only accept Tyrone with his dreadlocks but his two Rastafarian sisters as well.

His ICT teacher, Daniel Nyarko shared some of his fond memories of Tyrone.

“There was a time I was teaching ICT and I had to combine both classes, and then I made an error in the lesson. But then, he came to me personally to prompt me, so I don’t feel bad for making a mistake. I was like ‘Wow! What a brilliant child he was!’”

On 9th March, Omega Schools honoured students across its network who excelled during the recent Basic Education Certificate Examination.

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Source Author: Delali Adogla-Bessa