Dismissal of my disqualification case disappointing – Marrricke Gane


Failed presidential hopeful, Marricke Kofi Gane, says he is disappointed that his case challenging his disqualification from the 2020 polls was dismissed by the High Court.

Mr. Gane said the court failed to give tangible reasons for throwing out his case.

“The judgement was given today. It was quite disappointing in my view for a good number of reasons. There were a few things that the judge put out which were quite shocking. One of them was we delayed in bringing the matter to court.”

“Meanwhile we are not the registrar of the court. We do not control how fast or slow the court process is and so to roll that on us is a real disappointment,” he said on Eyewitness News. 

Mr. Gane was disqualified by the EC for allegedly forging si

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Source Author: Marian Ansah