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President Akufo-Addo says he is not interested in using machinations to disenfranchise Ghanaians or rig the 2020 December elections.

Addressing the nation ahead of the voter registration exercise he said, “the idea of being a president, who emerges from a rigged election, is abhorrent to every fibre of my being.”

His comment comes after many people expressed concerns over the numbers of security deployed to border areas ahead of the voter registration exercise set to begin on June 30.

Some assumed the beefed-up security was to intimidate eligible voters and in turn prevent them from registering for a voters’ ID.

However, president Akufo-Addo said that the security details are only at these borders to ensure the country stays closed to prevent the import of Covid-19 – as it has been since they were closed, on Saturday, March 21.

He added that he would continue to be a president for all citizens and encourage every eligible voter to register at their respective polling stations.

“These deployments are not in any way intended to intimidate or prevent eligible Ghanaians from registering to vote in December.”

“They are there for their express purpose, which is to guard our borders. That is the limit of their remit, and they will not be permitted to stray beyond that remit.”

He also assured Ghanaians who raised concerns on whether the country needs a new voters’ register especially in the midst of a pandemic that their safety is guaranteed.

President Akufo-Addo stated that the Electoral Commission has put in place the necessary, elaborate protocols for the process to protect citizens from contracting the coronavirus.

“So, let us all abide by them, and conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the image and status of Ghana…If you do not register now, you cannot vote in December,” the President added.

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