Ashanti Regional Chief Imam warns Muslim youth against violence in upcoming voters’ registration exercise –


The Ashanti Regional Chief Imam is cautioning Muslim youth against violence during the upcoming  voter registration exercise.

Sheik Abdul Mumin Haroun said any acts to disrupt the process that forms the basis for citizen’s participation in a democracy should not be countenanced.

The chief cleric encourages Muslims to participate fully in the exercise and comport themselves, as good citizens, at the registration centers.

“He [ Regional Chief Imam] told us each and every youth above the age of 18 to do as much as he can or she can to go and register when the registration starts because this is a national issue. It is part of our civic duties,” he said.

He spoke through the Executive Secretary at the Office of the Regional Chief Imam.

“Violence is an unfortunate issue. No matter what, whoever calls for violence is not a good citizen. If anybody asks you to use violence for whatever purposes, I don’t think that person is doing you good. He is telling you not to be a good person in that particular society no matter what.”

“You should try as much as we can to exercise tolerance and accommodate each and every idea  that may come,” he added.

There have been lots of controversy surrounding the upcoming voter registration exercise which kicks starts on June 30, 2020, even after Supreme Court ruling.

The apex court ruled that the Electoral Commission has the mandate to compile a new register, despite objection by the NDC and some civil society organizations.

It also affirmed provisions in Constitutional Instrument 126 which limits proof of identification for registration to Ghana card and passport .

Sheikh Mumin Haroun wants political parties to put the disagreement behind them and mobilise Ghanaians to register.

“The hue and cry that the EC should not compile new register should be let to die so that we go and [exercise our civic right]. The EC is exercising its own constitutional rights; we should also exercise our own constitutional rights to go and register.

“Politicians should do as much as they can to call for their people to come out and register in their numbers. This is what we should do but not to condemn the exercise. We  should do it for the benefit of mother Ghana.”

Meanwhile, the Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei-Mensah said state security will be in charge of the exercise.

According to him, no vigilante groups or ‘machomen’ would be allowed anywhere near the registration area.

In a press release, he said no motorbike would be allowed in and around the registration centres.

He warned anyone who breaches the directive will have his motorbike seized.

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