Artisans Association of Ghana joins United Nations Global Compact


The Artisans Association of Ghana has subscribed to the United Nations Global compact.

The UN Global Compact helps companies bring change to the world by adopting the Ten Principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, in their business practices and policies.

It has the resources to equip companies to transform themselves into better and more sustainable companies.

Some of the resources available include SDG Ambition Program, SDG Action Manager Tool, Decent Work Tool, The UN Global Compact Academy, SDG Pioneer Program, and Sustainable Finance.

In Ghana, the UN Global Compact Network has a number of initiatives that it is running. These include: The West Africa Gender Equality Initiative (WAGE), Poverty Alleviation (Business response to COVID 19), SDG Pioneer Program, The Ethically Aware Supplier Induction Program (Partnership with the Ethics Institute, South Africa)

The President of the Artisans Association of Ghana, Mr. Gideon Bidor who was elated about the feat said he was committed to keeping the sustainable development goals in every aspect of the activities of the association.

He acknowledged that joining the compact came at a time the world is experiencing COVID-19 pandemic and there is, therefore, the need for businesses to strive on strategies and policies.

“We are grateful to be a partnering member of this worthy course and just like we always deliver on every important mandate, keeping the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and anti-corruption) will be added to our hallmark and observe by every member of the association.”, he added.

The Artisans Association of Ghana is a social enterprise that enables sustainable livelihoods for men, women, and youth in the informal sector, skill training, and upgrading in the artisan industry.

The association, which can boast, of over 26,000 members where 75% are youths ages of 18-35 and 36 and above are 25% has a linked collaboration with the National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI), Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (COTVET).

In addition to other training providers, train in trade skills such as Masonry, Electricals, plumbing, steel bending, welding, tiling, landscaping, etc.

The Association has many successful projects with the Global communities, Gratis Foundation, African Career Centre, BUSAC FUND, Skill development Fund, and World University Service of Canada  (WUSC,) etc.

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Source Author: Nii Larte Lartey