Elikem Kumordzie tests negative for coronavirus – Ghana News Portal


Celebrity tailor, Elikem Kumordzie who placed under mandatory quarantine has tested negative for coronavirus.

The Big Brother contestant who is also an actor is among some 1030 persons who were placed under mandatory quarantine by government to be tested when they arrived in the country about a week ago.

Among these people, about 78 of them have tested positive for the virus.

Elikem Kumordji took to his Instagram handle to share the news with his followers.

According to him, he is expected to complete the 14 days and also undergo a second round of testing.

“A second confirmatory test would be conducted to ensure that you remain negative. This action has been taken because of the continuous fraternization amongst travellers who were accommodated in the same location. Some of these persons have tested positive,” the letter addressed to him read.

The Old Mutual Amazing Voices host was, however, grateful not only for his test results but also for government’s continuous efforts to help contain the virus.

He praised government for its reception towards the arriving passengers amid the outbreak.

“They serve us food three times a day. They call and give you three options to choose from and they deliver the food to our doorsteps.

“At first, they used to put it on the floor and we complained so now there are some small coffee tables in our rooms so we put them outside our doors and the hotel staff put the food on it,” he added.

Elikem has spent approximately 10 days in quarantine and is hoping to get his second test come back as negative.

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Source Author: Nasiba Yakubu