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One would have thought that being a child of a business magnate and one-time top musician and actor Alhaji Sidiku Buari, everything will be rosy in life, but his daughter Shaida Buari Nubi says otherwise.

The 2002 Miss Ghana queen has revealed she had a rough beginning, to the extent that she had to be sacked from school for not paying her fees.

This, she added, was partly because her father was ‘absent’ in her life.

“A lot of people thought we grew up with silver spoon in our mouth but I say this without disrespect, there were days we were sacked from school for not paying school fees. There were days we had challenges eating, because at a point, my parents weren’t agreeing on which religion they wanted us to be groomed on,” she said.

Speaking on TV Africa, she disclosed that she has, however, forgiven his father, indicating her mother insisted she did that.

Shaida was born to Alhaji Sidiku Buari and Madam Elizabeth Mirabelle Odonkor, who runs a successful bridal service for women in Ghana. She has two younger brothers and a sister, Nadia Buari.

Reports alleged that Alhaji and Mirabelle divorced in 1997, but it is not clear if it is part of the reasons he was absent in her life for some time.

According to Shaida, she is currently on good terms with her dad, who did everything to support her marriage.

“He is my father and I am his daughter. That love and bond you can never break it. But I always acknowledge my mom for getting us to where we are today. Because inasmuch as it was a struggle when he was absent, she always encouraged us to be respectful, to honour him, to love him despite whatever it is that we felt he had done. Whatever happened between mom and dad, she said it wasn’t your battle to fight,” she indicated.

“And I will like to use this opportunity to advise single mothers out there. There are so many single mothers who are angry and bitter maybe because the dad is not paying school fees or taking care of the child, and they are so angry and want the child to hate the father. That’s toxic. You are actually brainwashing the child to hate the biological father which is not right, no matter what the father did to you to get to this point. At a point, I was angry and I was like how could my father did this, how can he abandon us and my mom will always say let it go. Always learn to forgive. Forgiveness is her mantra,” Shaida added.

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Source Author: Michael Ofori Amanfo Boateng