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One third of The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s “Tres Amigas,” Shannon Beador, has been dropping it low with some bootylicious squats this season. But her net worth? It’s reportedly the **highest** in the RHOC franchise. So while Shannon’s proudly “lost 40 pounds and gained a lot of fun” this year, her wallet is as full as ever.

Just tell me already: What is Shannon Beador’s net worth?

It’s a sweet $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Fun (?) fact: It’s the same as her ex-husband, David Beador’s net worth, according to the website. However, her net worth is notably higher than the other two members of the Tres Amigas, Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson.

Here’s how Shannon makes alllll that moolah:

Shannon’s RHOC salary recently doubled.

According to court documents filed in October 2018 as part of Shannon and David’s divorce proceedings, the reality TV star declared that she pulled in $400,000 per RHOC season, according to Radar Online. However, in additional documents obtained by the tabloid publication in February 2019, David claimed that Shannon actually makes twice that: $800,000 per season. (Btw, that’s more than both Tamra and the recently demoted Vicki.)

That said, Shannon filed court documents in 2017, stating that she expected to pay almost half of her salary (which was then $432,000) in taxes, per Radar Online. So, uh, perhaps Shannon was just being…proactive with her financial estimates?

But that’s not the Bravolebrity’s only source of cash.

According to those same court documents obtained by Radar Online, Shannon earned an additional $181,390 from Central Entertainment Group, a management company that manages reality TV personalities’ bookings and endorsement deals. She also pulled in $5,150 from NBC Universal for “network sponsored events,” per the publication.

She received more than a million dollars in her divorce.

Shannon walked away from her year-and-a-half divorce battle with $1.4 million in her pocket, courtesy of her ex-husband. David agreed to the amount “to equalize the division of community property as set forth herein,” according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

In addition to the overall settlement, David will also pay the reality TV star a total of $10,000 monthly in child and spousal support. (He was previously paying Shannon $30,000 in child and spousal support per month, but asked a judge to reconsider the amount in February 2019. The judge deferred making a final decision until both parties appeared back in court for a trial in April.)

Peep the Tres Amigas celebrating Shannon’s divorce with—what else?—a luxe vacay:

Shannon’s average monthly income is around $40,000.

In 2017 court documents, Shannon listed her average monthly income as $37,767 and labeled herself as a “reality television personality.” As for her monthly expenses…that came in at $30,235.

She also noted a $10,000 expense for “filming preparation,” per the affidavit. The filming-prepared star also listed her total account balance as $45,352—after attorney costs, taxes, and credit card debt.

Given that all this went down two years ago—and Shannon reportedly makes twice as much from Bravo now—it’s pretty safe to say her monthly income has benefitted from some extra drama-induced dollas.

Shannon’s monthly income might be envy-worthy, but her legal fees are not.

Aside from the cash she doled out during her drawn-out divorce proceedings, Shannon also incurred attorney fees for defending herself “against a defamation complaint brought by the spouse of a former castmate,” referring to Jim and Alexis Bellino, per Radar Online.

The lawsuit not only involved Shannon but Tamra as well. Jim sued the duo for allegedly slandering his character on a podcast, Radar Online reported. A judge ruled Shannon should be dropped from the civil suit, but Jim has since appealed that decision.

These days, Shannon’s making bank with the meal-prep craze.

Real For Real Cuisine by Shannon Beador Veggie Burgers

Real for Real Cuisine qvc.com


In 2018, Shannon launched a line of prepared frozen meals, Real For Real Cuisine, with QVC. According to Bravo, all the meals clock in at 450 calories or less, with an emphasis on seafood and vegetarian options.

While Shannon’s cut of Real For Real Cuisine’s profits is currently unknown, her latest business venture seems to be successful. On August 20, she shared on Instagram that her brand’s veggie burgers had been nominated for “Best Burger” in the 2018 QVC Customer Food Choice Award. Apparently, her burgers were the only meatless option in the category.

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